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Projects are sorted chronologically by end date. To learn more about any of them, please click on their links to view their respective pages!

[H] - Hackathon Project
[S] - School Project
[G] - Group/Team Project

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Ongoing Projects

Portfolio Site :: This very site!

I Need More Coffee :: My very own space on the web


PaperTrail [S] [G] :: Encrypted data storage via printed QR codes

Mobike [H] [G] :: Multimodal transit+cycling routing to assist DC commuters


Ready, Set, Mortgage! [H] [G] :: An interactive wizard for prospective homeowners to see if they're ready

How Do I Docs? [H] :: A one-stop shop to go from zero to bare-minimum project documentation

NeuroRead [H] [G] :: A new method for creating artificial text fixation points


LittleTexts [H] :: SMS-based challenges for long-distance couples


mdMathTool :: A CLI tool for working with TeX math delimiters